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Varieties Of Truck Parts In Automobile Industry

A truck, as we all know, is a major automobile designed primarily for transportation. These heavy motor vehicles are extremely powerful and can be configured to mount specialized equipment, good examples being concrete mixers, fire trucks,  and suction excavators. To get more information about truck parts visit

A typical truck consists of the following main parts:

  • Frame
  • Cabin
  • Cabin Advanced (WCC)
  • Engine
  • Axles


Frame refers to the central part, including the engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential, and the suspension which supports the whole body, as the skeleton of a living being. In a truck, the chassis contains all the essential parts of a truck (without the body) and is ready for use on the road.


The cabin also called the cab in some countries is the closed space in which the driver sits and manages the entire vehicle. Normally, a berth also supports the cabin, so as to facilitate a resting place for the driver when not driving. Some cab configurations are described below:

Cabin Advanced (WCC)

Also called a flat nose, this type is configured such that the driver is fitted above the front axle and the engine. 


Most modern trucks race today on a diesel four-stroke engine with a turbocharger and an intercooler. Very large off-highway trucks use locomotive-type engines.


A central shaft for rotating a wheel or gear, the shaft is one of the most unalienable parts of the truck. Secure or splined in a fixed relationship with the wheels, the axle allows not only the wheels with a torque motor but also helps maintain the position of the compliant wheel, relative to each other and to the vehicle body.