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Various Types Of Braces Offered By Orthodontic Specialists In Fort Collins

As the years pass numerous types of braces have come into existence because of the advances that have been made by orthodontics by dedicated experts in orthodontics. Due to their increasing number, they are becoming increasingly difficult to decide the kind of brace that can provide you with the greatest advantages. There are different types of braces recommended by Fort Collins CO Orthodontists.

Before you make a choice, you should know what exactly are orthodontic braces? If you're not familiar with them they're also known as dental braces. They are tiny devices placed on the surface of teeth to pull the jaws or teeth in the proper direction. They were initially developed to improve the alignment of one's teeth.

Do braces hurt? What to expect when you get braces

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What are the different kinds of braces?

The first is known as braces made of metal and is the most commonly used kind of braces. They are also frequently used because they are cost-effective and can shift jaws and teeth into their correct position along with other kinds of braces.

The other type is ceramic braces, sometimes referred to as brackets made of ceramic. This kind of braces is ideal for patients who are conscious of aesthetics since they will not be observed. The braces are usually composed of transparent or translucent materials that are compatible with the natural color of the tooth. The braces are designed to protect against discoloration and staining which is advantageous for people who wish to maintain their appearance.

The other kind is known as clear braces. They are made from pure sapphire which is a monocrystalline mineral. One of the advantages of this kind of braces is the fact that they are the same in transparency and color as the water. However, the wires used for these braces are virtually invisible. One of the most well-known types of clear braces is Invisalign.