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Wave Goodbye to Angular Jaws With Botox For Jaw Contouring In Singapore

Studies show that botox for square jaw reduction is one of the growing non-surgical cosmetic procedures. However, a qualified doctor must be able to advise when the procedure should not be performed.

For example, in a patient with an elongated face and prominent cheekbones, excessive contouring can lead to a disproportionate and uncomfortable appearance of the lower half. You can choose a perfect treatment of botox jaw contraction in Singapore to reduce the jaw lines. 

Botox to muscular muscles

Botulinum toxin type A or Botox for short is a purified natural protein used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. When injected into a massaging (chewing) muscle, it weakens and paralyzes the muscles, causing atrophy (weight loss) over time. 

Most botox enthusiasts who go through this procedure don't forget the number of botox units they will need to achieve a significant contour effect. Doctors usually do not disclose these details unless specifically asked. It is important to have a thorough understanding of the optimal dosage you are paying for in return for the results you want.

The number of units needed to form the jaw line depends on the size of the muscles, the size of the face, and the gender of the patient. Some practitioners use Botox Allegan and inject 20 to 60 units on each side of the jaw in one session. 

The type of injection and how the syringe is sensed play an important role in achieving long-lasting and symmetrical results. Practitioners tend to look at the injection point at more than 3 to 5 injection points for a similar effect.