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Ways to Find the Right Tile Installer In Connecticut

Buying flooring and installing flooring doesn't come cheap, so hiring the right flooring company is key to getting it right the first time.

Talk to friends and family

Start some discussions with family members, coworkers, and friends who have recently tiled their home. Find out which installation companies they have used and their experience with the installer. People will most likely only recommend companies they have had a good experience with and tell you which companies to avoid altogether.

Receive professional recommendations

Think of other professionals you know who work with tilers. Real estate agents, contractors, and interior designers are just a few of the possibilities. Contact people you know in this trade for backsplash installation in Connecticut or get a free estimate and ask for recommendations on good tilers.

Contact a tile dealer

Tile shops are another great resource for finding quality tiles. Some tile shops have a list of installers that dealers recommend contacting customers when they need installation. 

Installer interview

Choosing the right tiler is more than the valuation price. When installers come to your home to do an assessment, be sure to talk to them and ask any questions you may have. Find out how long they have been in the tile business and ask for photos of their previous work. 

Doing the initial work in finding the right installer leads to the selection of the right installer. In the end, it can save you additional time and money as it helps ensure your floor is installed correctly the first time.