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What Are The Color Variations In Bengal Kittens?

The Bengal kitten and Bengal cat are available in these basic colors such as brown, silver, and snow. Genetically, color variations in Bengals are not complex and can be easily determined by breeders because they are recessive and dominant. You can also know more about brown Bengal cats through various online sources.

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Genetic color testing is also possible. Below we have mentioned some different types of color variations in Bengals.

Brown Bengal

The brown-coated Bengal is widely accepted all over the world. There are tons of colors, from beige to brown, or gold to caramel, or buff to red, and you can see a lot more variety between them! 

The term "rufoused" is used specifically for a Bengal with orange or red body fur, and "cold brown" is a term for someone who does not have red in their coat. The pattern seen on them is black or dark brown, and the eye color is gold or green.

Silver Bengal

One of the facts relating to silver Bengal kittens is that silver is not its true color rather it is due to a lack of color. This is the result of an inhibitory gene in silver cats. When a silver American Shorthair cat and a Bengal cat are bred, the result is a Silver Bengal. Variations vary from high steel gray to the lightest white gray. As they ripen, the markings darken. Eye color can be green, gold, or brown.