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What Are The Different Ways You Can Learn To Scuba Dive In Thailand

There are several ways you can learn to dive, and this will generally depend on your instructor. They have a broad set of guidelines and they can be tailored to your local conditions. One way to learn diving is while on vacation, learning in places like Tioman, Phuket or even Boracay is a truly relaxed way and the water will be clear so you have a good chance of seeing some extraordinary creatures.

So, you can consider doing your course while on vacation than paying a lump sum before your trip to study at your local diving shop. Usually learning to open water which is the basic entry-level. You can consider the best scuba diving spots in Thailand Via

This course will consist of theory and then this will be followed up by the pool session. During the pool session, you will learn such skills and knowledge about equipment, pressure, and practical skills to get you out of dangerous situations. This will be taught by a watch instructor and you repeat the instructor method.

The skills taught will start from you learning to wear and make up your scuba teeth, usually, you will start at the shallow end where you can stand and the instructor has an easy look. First, you will start with breathing exercises and regulator recovery procedures and after this, you will kneel at the bottom and practice what you have been taught.

Advanced skills will include things such as mask removal and recovery regulators and floating power controls. Once they watch they will be asked to repeat the same skills. After they are mastered, you will be led around the pool so you feel the way the diver feels in the water.