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What Are The Requirements In Blood Borne Pathogen Course?

Health care employers are required by law to adequately educate their employees about blood-borne pathogens. The method they choose to provide training depends entirely on the employer: in-house training, online courses, using the services of other trainers, etc.

Regardless of the teaching method chosen, a training course must cover a specific topic to be effective. You can choose the best course of bloodborne pathogens via The eXchange Academy Store to get complete knowledge of the healthcare sector.

Here are the requirements for training bloodstream pathogens.

  • A copy of the Blood Pathogens Standard, with an explanation of its contents, should be made available to all employees for training.

  • The training course should provide a definition and explanation of what epidemiology is. In addition, there should be at least the most common blood-borne diseases, their symptoms, and how to identify them.

  • The route of transmission of the pathogen from one person to another or from infected material to a person must be indicated.

  • Every healthcare employer is required to develop and implement an exposure control plan. Ideally, a written copy of this exposure plan should be distributed to staff during the training period.

  • How employees can identify certain tasks or work-related activities at risk from transmission of blood-borne pathogens should be demonstrated in training.

  • Presentation of key methods and practices to reduce or prevent exposure to pathogens, eg. technical and labor practices. Each method should be detailed and illustrated in a way that students can understand.

  • The type and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) must also be indicated. Employees also need to be shown how to choose the right type, how to handle it, how to use it, how to decontaminate it and how to dispose of it. Employers are required to provide appropriate PPE for each employee free of charge.