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What Functional Aging Institute Can Do For You

The Institute for Functional Aging aims to be a “resource” for training older customers and to provide fitness professionals with the latest, most cutting-edge, and most promising techniques and strategies.

With certificate programs, full certificates, blog posts, videos, seminars, on-site seminars, and more, FAI takes the lead. You can also look for functional aging institute certification online via

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Become A More Efficient And Confident Professional

Given a large number of adults over 50, you are likely already training clients in this demographic. But have you ever wondered if you could break (hurt) an older customer? Are you afraid of accepting this very old client who is not in good health because you could kill him?

Do you have a second guess and are wondering if you offer the most effective exercise program to help them safely improve their health and function? If you don’t have questions like these, you’re not being honest with yourself.

This course enhances your skills in designing and implementing effective programs and greatly enhances your confidence in accepting even difficult clients.

Apply Your Specialties And Areas Of Interest More Effectively

Many of the specialized training courses can be very useful for older customers. But they can also be potentially dangerous if their specific needs are not taken into account.

If you are trained in one of the following methods: pilates, yoga, CrossFit, training camp, then this course, you will learn how to use this method more safely and effectively with your existing customers.

You specialize in functional aging and stand out from the competition. The unique knowledge and skills you will acquire through Functional Aging Institute will allow you to speak with experience about topics of interest to this population and the media.