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What Is 18 Gauge Stranded Wire?

18 gauge stranded wire is a type of wire used in electrical applications. It is commonly used in wire harnesses, cable ties, and other similar applications.

18 gauge stranded wire is also known as 18 AWG wire. It has a diameter of .085 inches and a thickness of .032 inches.

18 gauge stranded wire is often used in applications that require the use of high-voltage wiring. This type of wire is also often used in automotive applications. To get more details about  18 gauge stranded wire you may visit

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How is 18 gauge stranded wire used?

18 gauge stranded wire is most commonly used for electrical wiring. It has a smaller diameter than other types of wire, which allows it to pass through small holes more easily. This type of wire is also less likely to kink or twist when it's being installed.

18 gauge stranded wire is commonly used in residential applications, such as wiring the walls of a house. It's also used in commercial buildings, such as factories and warehouses.

How to use 18 gauge stranded wire?

18 gauge stranded wire can be used in a variety of applications. Here are tips for using this type of wire:

1. Check the size of the hole you're trying to fill before you start installing the wire. If the hole is too small, the wire won't fit through it.

2. Use a screwdriver to loosen the mounting screws on the wall. Make sure that the end of the wire is facing down as you do this so that it doesn't get tangled up in the screws.

3. Fit the wire into the hole and tighten the screws back down. Be careful not to over-tighten them or you may damage the wires inside the wall.