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Why Buy From A Car Dealer When Looking For A Good Quality Second Hand Vehicle

It's an exciting time to buy a car, no matter if you are buying new or used. It can be daunting to buy second-hand cars as you don’t know what you will get. You might be afraid that the vehicle you buy has a long list of problems, or that it isn't exactly as described.

It is safer to buy a car from the best car finance dealer than it is to purchase one privately. A dealer can protect you when you purchase a car.

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Consumer law protects you when buying a second-hand vehicle from a car dealer. This provides you with the peace of mind you need, knowing that you will be covered even if something happens after you have taken possession of your vehicle.

A dealer can also offer a benefit in that all vehicles sold must be roadworthy. Avoid dealers who advertise cars as being "sold as is." It is illegal for dealers to advertise vehicles as "sold as seen". They must make sure they provide a vehicle that can safely be driven away.

A car dealer must also describe the vehicle that you buy. They can't give you misleading information about the vehicle. It is best to call the dealer first to ask any questions. Ask about the vehicle's condition inside and out. Find out if it needs new tires. Also, inquire about the mechanics.